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Roofing Tips


Important things to look for in a local roofing contractor in the Denver metro area:

 Make sure the contractor that you choose is listed in the phone book.

 License plates on vehicles are local.

 Get a list of references from a few years back to insure that the company is not a fly-by-night company. Make sure you verify those references.

 Check to make sure the contractor you do choose didn’t get a license after the storm.

Here is what separates A1 Certified from the majority of the Roofers in Colorado:

 BBB – “A” Rating.

 CRA – Colorado Roofing Association member.

 Licenses and Insurance – fully licensed and insured.

 Price – there is no extra money out of your pocket.

 Material – we use the highest quality material and cut no corners.

 Warranty – we provide the best warranty in the industry.

 Time Frame – have your roof done this week by A1 Certified.

How to Choose a Denver Roofing Contractor:

 A roofing system is a complex combination of elements, the success of which depends on the quality of materials and workmanship. In your search for a contractor there are several important information sources to consider – city licensing authorities, and insurance companies are excellent sources of information. A professional contractor will be happy to provide any information you may request.

 A contractor is looking for good jobs that will make a fair profit and provide future referrals, while taking pride in their work and being enthusiastic about the possibility of helping you with your roofing problems.

 A good professional contractor will provide the company’s permanent business address and telephone number along with specific business information to help you make the right decision. The training and experience of a contractor, as well as the age of his or her company, wil help you determine their ability to successfully complete your roofing project.

 Before allowing anyone to climb on your roof you should have them present you with a copy of their Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance certifications. This protects you from any lawsuits resulting from injuries on your property before or after work begins.

 A Workmanship Guarantee along with a city or company inspection insures a properly installed roof from the contractor’s own quality control.

 Information about products and services always make decisions less complicated and easier to make. We here at A1 Certified hope that the information we have furnished you will help you realize that we are concerned about your questions by giving you the answers.

 P.S. – don’t wait another minute to receive an estimate. Call today at 303.435-7708 for a free estimate. Let us also explain how to receive your depreciation check.

Don’t Be “Sold” be “Educated”

Dear Homeowners:

We at A1 Certified feel that the homeowner should be educated in the roofing process so they can choose the best quality product and company available to them. We hope that the professionals at A1 Certified will make this process a little easier.

 PRICE – we will match your insurance adjustment so there is not any extra money out of your pocket. Let your A1 Roofing representative work with your insurance company to insure you receive the fairest settlement from your insurance company.

 MATERIAL – **A1 Certified may upgrade your roof from your current three-tab roof to Elk’s 30-year superior shingle at no extra cost to the homeowner. We also install the highest quality vents, turbines and plumbing boots. **We can also take the extra step to paint these accessories to match your roof.
**Some restrictions may apply; please see your A1 Roofing representative for further details.

 WARRANTY – A1 Certified will sign and send in manufacturer warranty papers upon final payment, so your warranty is on file with the manufacturer. Until this is done, there is no such thing as a warranty.

 WORKMANSHIP – We at A1 Certified are second to none when it comes to quality workmanship. One of our knowledgeable inspectors will inspect your roof making sure your roof will meet local and state building codes. If required, a building permit will be pulled and posted to insure proper installation. A1 Certified provides a Five Year Guarantee on Workmanship.

 LIEN WAIVER – This is the most important part of any roofing contract. Once your roof has been completed and paid in full, A1 Certified will provide you with a release of lien that insures all material and labor has been paid.